Monday, September 12, 2011

Faith like Blackberries

Watched the movie "Faith like Potatoes" a little while back. Worth watching.

It's been a while since I blogged, but have been picking blackberries over the last few days. The Lord spoke to me through it.

We have had a huge crop of blackberries this year.

I really cannot remember having many, if any, over the years we have lived here.

All of a sudden this year the bushes have been laden.

Not sure why, but we are making the most of it

Used to hate picking them when I was young, but love doing it now.

I continue to pray that the Lord would reach into people's lives here in Cape Breton.

As yet I have seen no real evidence of people coming to the Lord.

Woke up last night and the thought came to me that it's just like the blackberries.

I had seen little or no blackberries over the years we have lived here,

then for no apparent reason, this year a bumper crop.

Is this a sign from God?

For years no harvest then for no apparent reason huge numbers of people crying out to God.

I pray that is the case.

Funny thing, when you are picking from one branch,

all of a sudden you see another branch with a huge number of berries on it which you hadn't seen before.

I wonder how many of our neighbours are searching for hope in their lives and as yet we don't see them?

Lord focus my eyes!

The Bible tells us that "the fields are white with harvest, but the workers are few".

We could have done with help picking the blackberries.

Will we need many more harvesters here in Cape Breton?

God Bless your day!

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